Whitehall Brangus

Happy Easter from Whitehall Farm! 

He lives, He lives…Christ Jesus lives today!

The city cousins got Easter chicks so they ended up coming home with us. I’m happy to add 10 more to the flock. I’m just hoping they are all hens. 

baby chicks


American Ninja Warrior Time!

We had some awesome ninja warriors at our place last weekend for Heath’s 6th birthday party. We had a blast and I loved seeing the kids try their hearts (and muscles!) out on the obstacles. We scoured Pinterest and mapped out our course a few weeks in advance. The budget was $0.00…so we weren’t working with a lot! So we used what we had and had great family time making everything together. Heath is a big kid so I am 100% behind an activity where he is getting exercise outside wtihout even realizing it.

On to the course!

Starting Platform

Starting platform (our chicken brooder with a table skirt taped to the bottom… fancy right?). The kids loved being able to stand up high above everyone else.

Quintuple Steps

Quintuple Steps (or Quadruple Steps if we’re getting technical). The quintessential first obstacle on ANW! Two sliding doors we weren’t using anymore + some random 2x4s = quintuple steps.

Log Roll

Log Roll: Heath wanted this to actually roll but we were trying to keep the broken bones to a minimum.

Net Crawl

Net Crawl

Tramp Jump

Tramp Jump

Snake Crossing

Snake Crossing

Ball Jump

Ball Jump: We’d originally planned for four exercise balls but the course safety engineer (aka Weldon) decided that was too much. This one was really bouncy…had to double up on the hay bales!

High Knees

High Knees (with tennis balls stuck on the stakes to protect eyes)

Spider Web

Spider Web

Rope Up

Rope Up

Swinging Monkey Bars

Swinging Monkey Bars: this was the inspiration for the course. About a month ago I took down our swings and put these up (PVC with holes drilled through the ends and rope tied thru). The kids have loved these! It has been amazing to see them progress….from the first day they couldn’t even hold on to now they are swinging across like total monkeys. Tonight they added difficulty to it by flipping every second “bar” up and trying to get a bigger swing. I love watching them play on the bars while I’m cooking dinner. And its been a month and they are still totally into them …WIN!

Rope Down

Rope Down

Warped Wall

And we had to end with our own version of the Warped Wall!

I think/hope a great time was had by all.  Only no-show was Kristine Leahy…both Heath and Weldon wanted me to invite her. 🙂   I’ll leave you with this… the hands of a ninja warrior!


Happy Summer!

We’ve have had so much rain this season and we have the grass to show for it! These beauties are wading in it!


Merry christmas

Fall Celebration!

We had an awesome turnout for our Fall Celebration/7th birthday party! Thanks to everyone that came out! God provided us with amazing weather and a beautiful sunset. Here are a few pictures from the big evening.

 photo (12)



photo (14)